Setting A Course

I live in a sweet little Pacific Northwest town that shall hence forth be known a B-town.

If my family were to get into the car and just start of down the road headed to go see NYC, without a plan, a budget or a map, what do you think the chances are that we would get there? I’m willing to wager that our journey would be fraught with difficulty and take a great deal longer than anticipated, if we didn’t give up entirely.

When I have approached grand life changes before, I have approached them that way. I had a goal. I knew where I wanted to end up and sometimes I had a general idea of how I would get there (lets head East!) but I never set off with a specific plan in mind. With the significant changes that my family plans to implement over the next year, we need a plan in place.

I also want to note that people are more successful in life changes if they take them ones step at a time, so we need to break our “trip” down into small pieces (how far do we plan to travel today?) to make it more manageable.

This morning, between breakfast and DaddyBee heading out the door for work, we sat down and jotted down a daily schedule. Does that sound super rigid? Yeah, DaddyBee gets a bit nervous about the idea but we both function better when routine is involved and the “schedule” will affect me and BusyBee (who thrives on routine) more than DaddyBee since he is away at work most of the day.

Within that schedule we made room for changes that we need to make to get us to our destination. Here are a few things that our schedule makes room for.

  • In the area of weight and fitness, we both want to be stronger and firmer at the end of the year. So, our schedule allows 30 minutes of strength and flexibility training together each day. DaddyBee gets a bike ride every evening, so his cardio is already taken care of. An hour of time each day is now scheduled for BusyBee and I to go for a walk, a bike ride (he loves his bike trailer) or to get our dance on together.
  • I want to feel as though I am fulfilling my need for creative outlet and positive output. For me this means scheduling daily time to write! What better time that when BusyBee is down for a nap and the quite is only broken my the tapping of my keyboard? I now have an hour a day for just this purpose.
  • By the time I turn 30 (in a year and two weeks) I plan to have mastered house keeping. Does that sound ridiculous? I’m not sure which part is worse, the fact that it is a goal of mine or the fact that I’m almost 30 and haven’t figured it out yet. I now have a full hour of quiet time when BusyBee is either playing with DaddyBee or sleeping that will be devoted to specific chores (on a rotating schedule) as well as an hour between putting BusyBee to bed and having DaddyBee come home that will be used for daily maintenance. Are you aware of how much it takes to maintain a tiny home when you have an extremely busy toddler? It boggles the mind, truthfully.
  • I plan to lose about 80 pounds this year. Yep. WHOA, eighty pounds? While increasing our families activity is a grand idea for toning and upping our calorie burning potential, I still need to put in just as much work in the kitchen. So, I have allowed up to an hour a day for dinner prep. We eat mostly whole foods, we eat gluten free and almost dairy free for BusyBee so food prep can take a while. Dinner left overs also function as lunches for us the next day, which helps with budget as well as eating healthy foods during the day. We also set up our dining room this past weekend. All food consumed in our home (coffee isn’t food, right?) will happen at the dining table, to help eliminate mindless eating and (ewww) floor food for BusyBee.
  • Save the best for last? I certainly think so! We want to have a thriving sex life. When you rarely have sex, it is normal to fall into a pattern of doing “what works” because it’s easy and (duh?) you know it’s gonna get you where you need to go. The problem with that is that it gets so very boring after a while… which in the long run makes you want it even less often. Well, as BusyBee is finally getting onto a good schedule, we will have 10 or more hours a day where he is fast asleep. We only need 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep. That mean more time for us to be sexy with each other. More time to be sexy means feeling sexier, which means more sex, which means we get to be creative again. Brown chicken brown cow.

This month we are going to focus solely on adjusting to the new routine. Do you set new goals for yourself on your birthdays? I never really did much with New Years resolutions, but birthday resolutions are where it’s at for me. I’d love to hear what some goals you have for your next year are.


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