What bores me?

Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

What bores you?


I am not an easily bored person. I love learning new things. I love quiet hours that stretch before me, open for me to make what I will of them. I don’t mind repetition, in music, entertainment or literature.

Food, though? I despise repetition in flavors, in food. I become bored with flavors within a matter of days. If I were isolated with only one dish or even a few similar dishes, I would waste away. Within days of eating something similar, I would rather go hungry. There is no joy and enjoyment anymore. It could be my favorite thing and I would become so bored, so wholly disenchanted that I would rather go hungry than bother myself to eat that thing again.
Once, when I was a child and my mother was very ill we ate the same dinner almost every night for nearly a year. Slice chicken breasts, cooked in a tablespoon of water, topped with Mrs Dash seasoning, served alongside a scoop of rice (occasionally boxed stuffing if we were lucky enough to be granted some variation) and a pile of California Blend frozen vegetables steamed in the rice cooker.

There is nothing in the world quite as boring to me as that meal. 


2 thoughts on “What bores me?

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