Beauty in Begginings

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BEAUTY.

How often is it that your day starts out in such an exquisitely beautiful manner, that you are compelled to write about it right now? How much more rare is it that you go to write this post that came together organically and it fits perfectly into the daily prompt?

I am taking this as a sign from The Universe. Today is meant to be filled with things that fit so well, that just fall into place in a manner that is almost painful in it’s perfection.

Last night, BusyBee fell asleep on the couch, nursing while we watched Shark Week reruns as a family. When transferred to his bed, BusyBee stayed asleep. That meant time and space for DaddyBee and I to make love. It’s been a long week, BusyBee hasn’t slept through a night or gone to bed easily or played quietly all week, DaddyBee and I really needed that time. Afterwards we collapsed legs still tangled together and fell into a deep sleep. This morning I woke at 9:30 to discover that BusyBee had slept through the night in his own bed, which feel pretty miraculous. Our family breakfasted together on eggs and fresh watermelon and hot coffee, before DaddyBee and BusyBee headed out on an adventure together.

This is my alone time for the week. With more hot coffee in hand, I sat down to enjoy the silence and see what was happening out the world today.

In honor of International Breastfeeding Week, my local moms group has been full of pictures of the sweetest nursing babies. I sat here swooning over the babies. Oh, how I love sweet chubby little babies with the roundest of cheeks and dimply little butts, thick rolls on their thighs and bracelets of fat on their wrists. I had a baby like that, though now he is slimming down at an amazing rate as he becomes an active and very muscular tot. I can feel the thickness in the back of my throat with the bittersweet beauty of my child who is no longer an infant.

Then there was the news of several births in town last night. I could feel myself starting to choke up a bit more as I read about these labors and births. Warrior mama stories, of women roaring their sweet babes into the world, always get me. There is such beauty in new life joining the world, now matter what the way. A new life in that moment of first breaths and first meetings.

Finally, I came across a story I have read many times before. It’s not a local story, but one of the most beautifully raw and honest stories I have ever read. A mother speaking openly about the pain and fear, followed by acceptance and abundant love, when things didn’t go as planned. Every time I see it, I read it. Every time I read it I weep at the beauty that is motherhood and the love that is intrinsic to it.

One of the other mamas in our group shared that this lovely mother recently gave birth again and shared yet another beautiful story. Of course, I had to go immediately and read this birth story as well. I went from crying to sobbing. There is such beauty in the rawness and transparency with which she writes.

Unspeakable beauty lives in that moment when you meet your child for the first time. Every birth story that I read reminds me of the feeling of finally laying eyes on the little person who I shared my body with for 9 months. I felt as though I knew him so deeply and that moment when I first laid eyes on my sweet tiny BusyBee my heart felt as though it would explode from all the love. Holding that moment in my heart and mind, brings tears to my eyes yet again.


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