Pulling it back.

Have you ever watched an archer send an arrow flying? Have you watched an arrow slide effortlessly into the very center of it’s target?
I suppose, I have watched archers a good deal more than most young women. My grandparents owned an archery shop with an indoor range. I received my first compound bow as a gift at the ripe age of six years old.
If you watch an archer closely, there is so much that goes before letting an arrow fly. They will plant their feet firmly and adjust their hips, just so. Then an arrow set and the bow, raised to the face, will be adjusted with one eye closed so that the whole body is focused, aligned, to send the arrow on it’s path. Once aligned out archer will draw back the string, letting the tension of it bite into the soft flesh of their fingers. Once all is ready they will still themselves, taking a deep breath and holding it there, so as not to make the arrow wobble as they let it fly.

The flight of an arrow is unbelievably brief. Watching an experienced archer, the preparations are quick, some nearly imperceptible, because of the years of practice.

Success in life can be much like success on an archery range. Successful people, seem to succeed with little effort or forethought. People who rarely succeed often throw themselves into something new with little preparation and less tenacity. Failure isn’t caused by lack of natural ability, it is the direct cause of quitting. Success is rarely born from ones nature but often from unending practice.

So, with a little less than a year before me to fulfill my goals, I am taking aim again. Sure, I did start a few weeks ago, loosing my arrow with little preparation. I’ve started again since then, once. Today, though I am getting ready to pull back yet again. I have realigned myself, focused on my goal, and now it is time to set back at it.

Do I lack the ability to get to my goal today? Yes. Yes, I do.
Will I try today? Of course.
Will I try tomorrow? Yes.

I may not naturally be thin, fit, healthy, happy, successful but I know that is what I want, I know I am learning and I have a great deal of tenacity on my side.


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